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On August 26, 2011, I received another email from Lifeline Foundation inviting volunteers to its 5th Medical and Dental Mission this year. A within Metro Manila Medical Mission to be held at Brgy Longos, Malabon City on September 4, 2011

I have been receiving a lot of volunteering invitations from different organizations but due to unfit schedule, I was not able to attend any of them. Thankfully, this one was a Sunday event. Since I have no run or any activity on that day, I sent a confirmation to Ms. Jes of lifeline offering my services for this event.

I do not intend to sound so holy nor pretend to be philanthropic, but volunteering for this kind of event gives me a sense of self-satisfaction. I may not be giving a lot of fortune but just being a part of it sharing my love for them gives me a feeling that is so great I can’t even explain. I do not volunteer to boost up my career the fact that I am not even into medical field. In fact, I’ve been used to this since I was still a student. Me, as an officer of a student body organization way back college, and my organization used to organize outreach programs such as this mostly for kids. I just believe that all of us have social responsibilities, and this is my way of paying forward for all the blessings showered upon me.

September 4, 2011

The day has come. OK, I was late. I never anticipated the place to be this far tho’ I allotted 2 hours travel time from Alabang. I was not able to set foot at the meeting place on time so I went directly to the event itself.  Briefing of volunteers was already done thus I headed straight to where I was assigned. I was appointed at the dental section where in I had to assist Doc Beth. Dental service section was the most visited, as expected, a lot of patients came through and we had the longest lines of patients. Lots of teeth came out from patients of all ages who cannot afford to go to the dentist and just took this opportunity. I had to assist every patient after the extraction to go get the medicines prescripted for them, funny as I was the one writing prescriptions as per Doc Beth’s instruction before we began. I also had to make sure that Doc Beth has all the things she needed upon treating the dental patients. Instantly, I became a dental assistant. I enjoyed every second of it despite the heat and even though our group were the last one who packed up and were the last to eat lunch.

Best part of the event -> of course photo ops  ;D

from our official photographer - Judy of lifeline

I even gained lots of friends, I met an US Corp volunteer, Paj K. Lis (whom I friended on fb) and is currently based in Bulacan, Lorenz (who served as my kwentuhan buddy while servicing the patients) and his GF (both of them are students from Germany), Emman (who coincidentally is a runner also) & his GF both from QC and a lot more…

This was an unmatched, immeasurable experience to be treasured forever, more to come…

“changing the world one life at a time”  – lifeline foundation

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