"I'm like a bird, I'll only fly away I don't know where my soul is, I don't know where my home is, All I need for you to know is…" -n.furtado

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My first blog post. Aw! This is it. I’m not really a big fan of diaries, journalism, etc. I can’t even remember when I first registered this account. The truth is, I am not a good blogger, I am not used to telling my stories to my friends. I don’t even share nor tell my parents, my siblings about my happenings. I kept it all to myself. Pero sadyang ako ata ay isang naturingang gossip-absorber (? o.0) haha, occasionally I like reading personal stories on the net kaya eto na, nandito na rin ako. I was thinking.. what should I write on my first-ever post, in fact until now I am still thinking. OK, anything that comes under the sun. Kung ano na lang lumabas sa brain ko hahayaan ko na lang siyang mag-command sa mga daliri kong hindi sanay mag-type. I was wondering why there are so many people blogging and spreading their whereabouts on the net. Bragging on their achievement and experience. Now I have to find that out myself. But what am I suppose to share to you, I can think of nothing. Is my life so boring that I can’t even tell a single story of it? Yeah maybe, although my photographs reflect joyous and jubilant escapades from my trips and parties, maybe I’m not. I can feel no contentment at all, so maybe that is why I got here, a castaway. Oops, too emotional. That’s not you Roxanne. Let’s think of another one. Maybe I should share one of the stories from my neighbour, my officemate, my friends?.. OMG, I can’t even recall their stories. I just listen when they talk, but I can’t remember any of those right now. Shame on me! Does this mean, I care less? That I have no interest on any of their life stories? So what’s the big deal? I don’t even care on any of mine…

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